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Thank you for your time and consideration. We strive to make every patient a priority.

R. Wooden                                                                                                              May 2022

Dr. Driano is a patient, gentle, caring, attentive Chiropractic Physician. He is an exceptional listener, knowledgeable and skillful in the performance of his care for his patients. After more than 15 years as his patient, I can say he is the best when it comes to providing care and helping me to maintain wellness. I have always appreciated the holistic approach to healthcare. With his knowledge, skill and friendly bedside manner I have a doctor for life. Now my husband has become a fan. Way to go doc!!

M. Taylor                                                                                                                 May 2022

Dr. Driano actually listens to you. He will explain in detail what he thinks is going on with your body. He takes the time to explain the course of treatment to get you to a healthy place. He discusses nutrition as it relates to your complaint if relevant. He is an awesome chiropractor and nutritionist.

Karol B and AJ                                                                                                              2020

My husband and I have both been consulting with Dr. Driano over the past 10 years for the nutritional and chiropractic support of our serious medical conditions that include Lupus, Scleroderma, Gastroparesis, Heart Failure, A-fib, and Leukemia/Lymphoma.

C. Olen                                                                                                             2021

Spiraling down the health ladder for decades, and finally spinning out of control at age 69, it was my wonderful Dentist who guided me toward her ‘cherished' Practitioner,  Dr. Frank Driano.  

Not knowing if he would be able to see me, take on new patients or be available for a consult, I desperately and immediately placed a call to him.

That evening, he returned my call and we spoke for ’the longest time’.  In all the years I’ve been involved with the medical system, never has any Doctor inquired so thouroughly,  so deeply into my history,  questions I was never asked before, while bringing me back to my then present symptoms, with incredible warmth, patience, kindness, assurance and immediate responsiveness to assist in my healing.  And this was just a phone call!

He presented an opportunity for me to have a blood chemistry done and analyzed and to see me for a complete diagnostic session.  WoW!

He so brilliantly began to treat me and teach me about my immune system, where viruses reside, how they can get activated, something I never knew or understood before.  Dr. D’s Treatments and education, (he was always willing to provide) deep and clear explanations to my non-stop questions, engaging honestly and openly,  I began learning to  enhance rather than stress my immune system, to support my body's ability to fight the various infections, viruses, bacteria., all kinds of toxins and pathogens that we are exposed to on a daily basis.  

I was experiencing many serious and traumatic health issues, my EBV was rampant, (did not know I even had EBV),  my immune system was put on high alert and rushed to assist me , while becoming totally overwhelmed by the various conditions it was charged with protecting.

 As Dr. D' began  working thoroughly on my neurological system,  correcting my structural integrity and organ resilience or deficiency with applied kinesiology, ‘ Graced’  through his chiropractic manipulations and kinesiology testing, and guiding my nutrient intake, something changed deep within me. I  learned to ’Trust” my Doctor!  and my symptoms were no longer spiraling out of control. I  was gaining strength, felt more energy, and  ‘ Graced’ by his knowledge and Care.

As I continue to heal and grow, I recognize it is His Amazing HEART, Wisdom, Guidance, Support and Love, brought through with Respect, Integrity,  and the most humble sense of humor Ever,  leading me forward in Life!  Bless you,  Dr. D’.  Thank You. 

Linda Friedman


Our family has been blessed to know and be treated by Dr. Frank Driano. He has helped and healed us in so many ways for so many years. The combination of intelligence, training, compassion for his patients and dedication to his field of medicine makes him not one a one in a million Doctor, but a rare human being.

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